civilWarThe Civil War Museum, located in what used to be the town’s water works and icehouse, the 8500 sq. ft. building has been completely renovated. It is the fourth-largest Civil War Museum in the United States. In 1999 we added the only museum dedicated to the women of the Civil War, featuring exhibits of period clothing, paintings, and personal artifacts. It is located in the Historic Wright Talbott House, adjacent to the MidAmerica Museum. Unlike the other museums, this one focuses mainly on the War of the Western States. The story of the western theater is told plainly in geographical and chronological segments. Visitors move through a series of exhibits featuring myriad artifacts from both the Union and the Confederacy. Examples of some of the artifacts the museum showcases include the flag of the 2nd Kentucky Cavalry, the presentation sword of Confederate Brigadier General Lloyd Tilghman, and a silver flask presented to Confederate General John C. Breckinridge a few days after he joined the Confederate Army. Among other things, the museum also has Infantry, Cavalry and Naval Artillery Rooms. The Artillery Room is one major display you won’t want to miss. Among others, the display includes a one-pounder smoothbore cannon made at the Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond, Virginia. Used in the field by Mosby’s raiders, the gun could be taken apart and transported on horseback.

The COLONIAL VILLAGEvillage is a reproduction of a colonial village, with original cabins from the county that date from 1776 to 1820. Most recently added is the fascinating American Indian Museum.

The WOMEN’S CIVIL WAR MUSEUM depicts the role women played during the Civil War. Many were nurses, some were even spies and soldiers, while others, of course, sustained the home life while their husbands fought at the battlefront. signThere are many original dresses on display, numerous other artifacts and countless stories that are told.

The WAR MEMORIAL OF MID AMERICA is dedicated to Bardstown native, General Hal Moore, Vietnam War hero and subject of the book & movie, “We Were Soldiers Once, and Young” and honors all those who served to preserve freedom around the world. Exhibits cover conflicts from the American Revolutions through the Gulf Wars, each depicted with outstanding graphics and artifacts.


If you are unable to visit, we have a Guided Tour DVD of our Museum is available from our gift shop.
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